today's cartoon History of Grenouille all you wanted to know about everyone old grenouille's
some rules Grenouille & co follow check out these Woohoo I have fans contact me

  • Grenouille has 15 spots, which may appear in different places and often different sizes but there will always be 15 spots unless he is side on, where there could be 7 or 8 spots.
  • No flies were hurt in the making of this cartoon, Louie is a stunt fly professional
  • Grenouille and Friends will try not to do movie ripoffs
  • Lillies tend to look like, but it makes Grenouille look like he is sitting on a bottom
  • This cartoon should be available to everyone, so if something is inappropiate please message me
  • I am hoping to update this cartoon everyday excluding weekends (but whether or not I succeed is another story)
  • Also there is a chance that I can't spell, please tell me where I have spelling errors